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Keyholding & Alarm Responce

Amthal Fire & Security prides itself on creating bespoke fire and security solutions to suit individual building requirements. 


We can partner with you, right from the initial design process through to creating a continuous programme of works and maintenance, always planned around budget, resource allocation and timeframes.

Our differentiator is our service!

We offer an extensive range of service, maintenance and support options, our excellent 24-hour monitoring service provided through EMCS is trusted by police forces, hospitals and major corporations.

National Service

We offer national coverage with a single point of contact through our network of experienced and approved specialist service providers.

Service & Maintenance

Each of our service & maintenance agreements runs for 12 months and enables you to customise the right service for your installation and your own needs. The standard service programme includes:

Availability of Amthal's 24-hour call-out service.

Periodic inspections of the security system to the following standards: EN50131-7:2004, EN50136-1-4:1998 and PD6662:2004, DD243:2004 and SSAIB codes of practice including CCTV and access control systems.

We then define with you how many routine service inspections will be required each year, depending on whether you have the audible or monitored alarm systems, and which additional options you would benefit from, to tailor the service agreement exactly to your requirements.

24-hour monitoring service

Your system can be monitored by a number of different methods. All options will be linked to our central monitoring centre. Continuing our commitment to providing the highest quality services to our customers, Amthal is delighted to provide 24-hour monitoring through EMCS, the UK's leading independent alarm receiving centre.


Providing leading edge technology and back-up, the EMCS monitoring service delivers excellent service to Amthal customers and we are proud to work with them and to recommend them!

EMCS currently handles over 5 million alarm signals per month, and aims to respond to incoming telephone calls within 10 seconds.

EMCS has a dedicated in-house team of IT experts to ensure the efficient running of their systems. Their monitoring environment is totally independent and self-contained, with all operations resistant to any possible attack or power failures. All customer records are held on the main system and an off-site stand-by system that will automatically take over should the main system fail.

EMCS is approved by the security industry governing bodies NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) and BSIA (British Security Industry Association) to BS5979 and ISO9000.

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Amthal's team of surveyors and system design engineers include individuals with industry experience of over 20 years combined with technology specialists who's purpose it is to keep up with the ever changing industry technology, products and integration.



We are regularly audited by the SSAIB & BAFE to ensure all systems we install meet current BS & EU industry standard requirements, Our experienced and skilled staff will deliver the design, installation and commissioning of the entire system.



Preventative service visits form part of our industries codes of practice and are essential to ensure your electronic fire & security systems work effectively when most required.  Amthal's service & maintenance Contract customers receive priority response for all site and telephone support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



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