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Fire Protection

Fire Safety Regulations





Amthal Fire & Security is a specialist fire service provider, accredited to leading industry bodies to design, install and maintain high security products to ensure your business and properties or site portfolios are protected.


New fire safety rules affecting all non-domestic premises in England and Wales came into force on 1 October 2006

If you are responsible for business premises, an employer or self-employed with business premises, responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes, a charity or voluntary organisation or a contractor with a degree of control over any premises, you have a responsibility in relation to fire prevention!


The risk of fire

In 2002, a survey carried out by the Fire Extinguishing Trade Association (FETA) and the Independent Fire Equipment Distributors Association (IFEDA) found that accidents were responsible for 84% of all workplace fires.

Unfortunately it's not only accidental fires you want to protect against. The Department of Education reports that 75% of all fires in schools are started deliberately, and likely to be when the school is unoccupied.

Thank goodness for the sophisticated fire alarm and notification systems we can install these days!

The type of automatic fire detection you need will depend on the type of premises and contents you want to protect, detection systems can be customised to meet any requirements, for example high value stock, large numbers of people or diverse building types.

Which fire alarm system is right for you?

To find out more about fire alarm, detection and notification for your residential or business premises, or to book your free, no-obligation risk assessment survey, call us free on 0800 093 7818 or click here to send us your enquiry.

Automatic Fire Test Window

The ability to test your fire alarm on a regular basis is both an industry expectation and a government requirement. 

With an automatic Fire Test Window from Amthal Fire & Security, a time window can be automatically set up with our specialist software facility, which allows you to set up the duration and timings to minimize disruption to daily activity.

During the fire test, any fire signals received will be logged (the physical aspect of carrying out the test on site would still need to take place.) Ten minutes after the automatic test window expires the software forwards an email detailing any signals (or lack of which may then highlight in a possible fault/communications issue) received to one or numerous pre-planned email addresses.

If any genuine cause for the brigade to attend arises during the fire test window, we can be instantly notified (this is the same under the current procedure).  And if the site needs to carry out a test/maintenance outside of the scheduled window, then it’s simply a case of calling the receiving centre.

Fire Extinguishers

According to the latest Fire Extinguisher Trading Association and The Independent Engineering and Distributors Association latest statistics, out of 2,173 fire safety incidents recorded, over 80% were brought under control by the sustained application of fire extinguishers. In fact, portable fire extinguishers are believed to have prevented over 1,629 injuries.  Amthal Fire & Security is your one stop shop for fire extinguishers, able to supply, service and install a comprehensive range in accordance with British Standard 5306 Part 4 and Part 8.

Amthal Fire & Security also offers a dedicated servicing program to ensure the continued effective operation of your fire extinguisher, in line with Government legislation, including article 17 of the Fire Safety Order and The British Standard Code of Practice (BS 5306 Part 3!)  Amthal Fire & Security checks fire extinguishers on an annual service and recommends to all clients that they are checked in house on at least a monthly basis for any signs of missing or used extinguishers, the internal pressure is at an acceptable level and ensure extinguishers are unobstructed and clearly visible.  A record of these checks should be noted in your fire log book.  All extinguisher servicing and maintenance includes an approved certificate of inspection.


We can supply your new fire extinguishers, with an initial service or a pre-delivery inspection / commission. This is a completed fire extinguisher servicing label recording the date, weight, next service date and date of discharge or overhaul test.

To find out more about fire extinguisher sales and service or to book your free, no-obligation risk assessment survey, call us free on 0800 024 1453 or click here to send us your enquiry

Emergency Lighting

The definition of emergency lighting is lighting that automatically comes on when the power supply to the normal lighting provision fails.  Emergency lighting is required to ensure a sufficiently high level of light to enable persons of all ages to evacuate premises safely during an emergency situation main power supply fails.

British Standard BS 5266: Part 1: 2011 covers residential hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, licensed premises, offices, museums, shops, multi-storey dwellings etc.  The standard recommends the minimum types and durations of emergency lighting systems relating to each category of premise.

Emergency Lighting can be divided into a number of sections including:

  • Emergency Escape Lighting
    • Escape Route Lighting
    • Open Area Lighting
  • High Risk Task Area Lighting
  • Standby Lighting

Talk to us about Emergency Lighting, to discuss any aspect of how Emergency Lighting can enhance the safety your premises, or to book a free, no-obligation risk assessment survey, call us free on 0800 234 3705 or click here to send us your enquiry.

Emergency escape lighting provides illumination for the safety of anyone leaving a location, or attempting to terminate a potentially dangerous process before leaving a location.

Emergency escape lighting naturally divides escape route, open area lighting and high risk task area lighting.

Escape route lighting offers lighting to ensure that the means of escape can be easily and effectively identified, and safely used when the location is occupied.

Open area lighting (anti-panic lighting) presents illumination to avoid panic and allow you to reach a place where an escape route can be identified.

High Risk Task Area Lighting gives illumination for the safety of all involved in a potentially dangerous process or situation and to enable proper shut down procedures for the safety of the operator and other occupants of the premises.

Standby lighting enables illumination to normal activities to continue substantially unchanged, this does not include standby lighting as this is not a legal requirement and there is a facility that the employer may or may not require.


Fire Safety Regulations

First and foremost, Amthal Fire & Security in line with our mission, values and objectives is established to offer products and services to not only ensure you are safe and secure, but also that you can rest assured that you adhere to all fire safety regulations, both from an industry standard and Government mandate.


This way, we know that alongside your assets and possessions, your staff and visitors, and in schools your pupils, can go about daily operations safe in the knowledge that a duty of care is fulfilled.


Fire safety is very important in every premises across the UK, whether it's a warehouse, office, hotel, arena or block of flats. But it can be confusing if you are the person with the responsibility for fire safety in your workplace.

The FIA is there to help provide guidance and insight into the best practice in fire safety as well as the reassurance that, by using one of our members, you are employing a competent person. On their website you will find everything you need to help you in your role as the Responsible Person (also known as Duty Holder in Scotland or Appropriate Person in Northern Ireland), including:


Best Practice Guide

We have just published a new complimentary Best Practice Guide to Fire Safety aimed at everyone who has responsibility for fire safety in their premises.

No matter where in the UK you are based or what kind of premises you are responsible for this guide will help explain everything you need to be aware of, in a friendly, easy to understand way.

There are three ways to obtain your FREE copy of this guide:



Back to basic security and alarms are the premise to all good security.  Amthal will ensure a monitored alarm, or wireless security system can be tailored to your property to keep your assets and possessions safe and protected from any opportunist or professional criminal activity.



If you are responsible for business premises, an employer or self-employed with business premises, responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes, a charity or voluntary organisation or a contractor with a degree of control over any premises, you have a responsibility in relation to fire prevention!



As the world becomes more digital and buildings more intelligent, homeowners and businesses are looking at more efficient ways to secure buildings.  Access control enables you total control on who has access to your building. Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable.



CCTV Installation can let you know who is at your door, help prevent incidents and criminal activity and help protect people and property.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) works around the clock to help detect and deter crime, providing organisations with vital information.  Many existing users of CCTV installation are failing to realise the full potential of their system and the benefits it can provide.



Amthal's team of surveyors and system designers include individuals with industry experience of over two decades, combined with technology specialists who's purpose it is to keep up with the ever changing industry technology, products and integration.



We are regularly audited by the SSAIB & BAFE to ensure all systems we install meet current BS & EU industry standard requirements, Our experienced and skilled staff will deliver the design, installation and commissioning of the entire system.



Preventative service visits form part of our industries codes of practice and are essential to ensure your electronic fire & security systems work effectively when most required.  Amthal's service & maintenance contract customers receive priority response for all site and telephone support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



Amthal partners with EMCS, the UK's leading independent alarm receiving centre.  EMCS is approved by the security industry governing bodies NACOSS and BSIA to BS5979 and ISO9000. Their monitoring environment is resistant to any possible attack or power failures.  All incoming telephone calls are responded to within 10 seconds!