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Britain’s top 10 most burgled cities have been revealed, with Newcastle and the north east coming in top places whilst London came in seventh.

Despite one in three Britons being victims of burglary, a mere 43% of Britons own a home security product. And of those who do feature alarms, only 78% of incidents are reported to police, as people don’t think the crime will be investigated properly.

Says Jamie Allam: “There is clearly a wide concern regarding a lack of Police resources to respond to burglaries, but homeowners also have to take responsibility for their own security, especially in the winter months and lead up to Christmas.

“The key to stop burglars is to make it as difficult as possible to enter your home with visual security measures including alarms that will attract attention. 60% of burglaries carried out on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful as the opportunist burglar will quickly move on to easier targets.”

Britain’s Top 10 most burgled cities:

1. Newcastle

2. Brighton

3. Leeds

4. Manchester

5. Edinburgh

6. Liverpool

7. London

8. Nottingham

9. Southampton

10. Glasgow


Back to basic security and alarms are the premise to all good security.  Amthal will ensure a monitored alarm, or wireless security system can be tailored to your property to keep your assets and possessions safe and protected from any opportunist or professional criminal activity.



If you are responsible for business premises, an employer or self-employed with business premises, responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes, a charity or voluntary organisation or a contractor with a degree of control over any premises, you have a responsibility in relation to fire prevention!



As the world becomes more digital and buildings more intelligent, homeowners and businesses are looking at more efficient ways to secure buildings.  Access control enables you total control on who has access to your building. Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable.



CCTV Installation can let you know who is at your door, help prevent incidents and criminal activity and help protect people and property.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) works around the clock to help detect and deter crime, providing organisations with vital information.  Many existing users of CCTV installation are failing to realise the full potential of their system and the benefits it can provide.



Amthal's team of surveyors and system designers include individuals with industry experience of over two decades, combined with technology specialists who's purpose it is to keep up with the ever changing industry technology, products and integration.



We are regularly audited by the SSAIB & BAFE to ensure all systems we install meet current BS & EU industry standard requirements, Our experienced and skilled staff will deliver the design, installation and commissioning of the entire system.



Preventative service visits form part of our industries codes of practice and are essential to ensure your electronic fire & security systems work effectively when most required.  Amthal's service & maintenance contract customers receive priority response for all site and telephone support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



Amthal partners with EMCS, the UK's leading independent alarm receiving centre.  EMCS is approved by the security industry governing bodies NACOSS and BSIA to BS5979 and ISO9000. Their monitoring environment is resistant to any possible attack or power failures.  All incoming telephone calls are responded to within 10 seconds!