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Latest research* has revealed the concerning complacency amongst students in the UK when it comes to security, despite one in every three** becoming a victim of crime.

The survey found the University of Manchester to have the highest number of burglaries, followed by The University of Leeds and then the University of Sheffield. The University of Durham had the lowest number.

Of the 2,000 students interviewed:

  • 76% admitted to not leaving any lights on when no one was home
  • 59% don’t check if windows are closed before leaving the house
  • 64% leave electronic items and wallets on show across the house
  • 48% don’t lock the main house door before everyone goes to sleep
  • 40% don’t have proper curtains
  • 37% confessed to hiding their house keys under a doormat or flowerpot.

Says Jamie Allam, Commercial Director of Amthal Fire & Security: “Students increasingly have the latest electronic equipment not only for academic study, but also for personal use alongside designer gear and even a car or bike.

“With so many valuables, it is critical that security is seen of paramount importance, and yet these results demonstrate that this simply isn’t the case. Amthal is working closely with student landlords, who have a duty of care to their students to ensure homes are secure; and also be seen to offer the latest advice to protect themselves and their possessions.”

Here are Amthal’s Top tips for landlords and students to stay secure.

Back to Basics

Student accommodation has a lot of changeovers every year and it is hard to keep track of who has had copies of keys and when. If you’re in halls, you should be provided with a fob or access card for the entrance and also your room individually.

If you’re in a shared house, check with your landlord when the locks were last changed and if the keys are patented or restricted (this means that they cannot be copied without proof of ownership or easily duplicated due to their unique design.)

And when you go out, if you are the last one in, check all windows and doors of your home are locked and secure.

Be Alarmed

Make sure there is an adequate alarm system in place, and you know how they operate and what happens and who to contact if an intruder breaks in.

Hide & Seek

Make sure that valuables are out of sight – a great way to ensure this occurs is to think like a burglar, and consider the easiest places you would head to quickly grab what you can.

And avoid these places to keep your possessions safe and secure!

Let There Be Light

Darker areas provide the perfect protection for the opportunity burglar to strike, so the best preventative measure is to leave lights on and create the impression that someone is home.

With students having different timetables, low-cost timers are a great way to ensure this can occur without students even having to act!

Landlords should look at exterior lighting options too.

Out & About

Going out is an essential part of student life, but personal safety should also be high on the agenda. When travelling home after a night out always try to travel in groups and use a reputable taxi company.

If walking home alone, invest in a personal alarm, try to stick to main roads, avoid poorly lit areas, and ensure you are always aware of your surroundings and not distracted by your smart phone that could attract attention.

* Survey carried out by – more information can be found at:

** Crime Stoppers UK statistics


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