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Looks like it’s not just our hearts that are stolen on Valentine’s Day!

An Aviva* survey that took 10 years’ worth of data to find the key trends over the course of a year, found Valentine’s Day to be one of the worst annually for car theft and house burglaries.

According to the leading insurance company, which commissioned the study to see when the public is at most risk, found the celebration of all things love see a 12% and 9% respectively to homes and cars compared to an average day.

The likely reason for the rise is couples enjoying a romantic night out. Opportunists take advantage of an easy target; a home left with obvious signs of being vacant; dark lights, curtains left open at night, expensive presents in view…

Don’t let this stop you from showing your undying affection for your nearest and dearest! Remember the basics; when you go out, make sure all windows and doors are locked.

A home alarm and / or CCTV system can act as a good visual deterrent, discouraging would-be burglars even if the property does look vacant. In fact, 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms fail and 90% of opportunists will avoid homes with CCTV in search of easier pickings.

You can also create the illusion of an occupied house by making use of light timers.

And don’t forget outside lights to, protecting your cars, especially if you’re planning alternative transport for your night out.

Whatever your plans this Valentine’s, make sure you avoid the heartache of a break-in, and keep the one you love, safe and secure (especially if you’re planning to put a ring on it!)

*Research by Aviva


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